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until xPOSED!


xPOSED is a new age open manufacture car show within the Republic of Ireland. The show is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we want to give back to the already strong community by displaying the best and highest car builds all to create a new standard for a car show this country has ever seen.

  • xPOSED – Ireland’s Freshest and Highest Standard Indoor Car Show
  • 2 minute drive from Dublin Airport
  • 20 minute drive from Dublin Port
  • 25 minute drive from Dublin City Center
  • 1hr 30 minute drive from Belfast City Center
  • free public parking
  • free entry for drivers whose cars have been accepted for indoor show
  • free WiFi connection


Founded in 2013, Raceism United made its debut on Irish soil. Everyone from our members to management has a strong obsession with cars. With members placed across the world we all have one mutual passion, to build the highest standard car our countries have ever seen. No one gets excited about a full carbon vinyl wrap and a set of damaged replica wheels. All our members pour their blood sweat and tears into building their finished work of art. Everything from extensive bodywork all the way to cutting manifolds into parts and putting them back together only to get the car lower by half a centimeter.

Fitment – Low – Stance

Raceism United

Read about our mini-show xPOSED

at Heatwave Motor Show last year

"Not only can the Raceism United guys put a show together, but they are also a really nice bunch of guys with a passion for one thing, and that’s building the best cars possible!"

Luke | TheLowLife.ie

"Our µ-show turned out successful – we think. We brought a breeze of fresh air, a small sample of what we can do. Should we do it again? Bigger and better?"

Matt | StanceSyndicate.com

"xPOSED was a great introduction into events for the Raceism United crew and we hope that this gives them the encouragement to build something big of their own for 2016"

Clark | Fitted State



In the prime location of the National Show Centre in Swords, Co. Dublin, only a stones throw away from Dublin Airport and a 20 minute drive from the city center. xPOSED will be showcasing the stunning grounds of the NSC with a large exclusive indoor hall for the main show and a large car park for the general public.



Do you think you have what it takes to claim a space within the main hall for xPOSED? Submit extensive details of your car now!

  • xPOSED – Ireland’s Freshest Car Show
  • free public parking
  • free entry for drivers whose cars have been accepted for indoor show
  • free WiFi connection
  • VIP area for entrants
  • Large Restaurant

xPOSED - Ireland's Freshest Car Show